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Automatically reformat source code in your own style with just a point and click! Polystyle also has a java obfuscator, PHP obfuscator, Actionscript obfuscator and JSP obfuscator. Polystyle is an HTML formatter, C++ formatter, PHP formatter, Javascript formatter, CSS formatter, C# formatter, Java formatter, Perl formatter, JSP formatter, Python formatter, Delphi formatter, Visual Basic formatter, ASP formatter, Actionscript formatter and XML formatter. Use the Graphical Styler to define your style using simple mouse clicks alone. Polystyle automatically reformats source code in your personal style. Polystyle learns your formatting style by examining examples of your code. First, use a text editor to format your examples and define your style. You may then format your files by invoking Polystyle through Windows Explorer or your IDE. You can also use the Graphical Styler to define your settings using mouse clicks alone! Polystyle elegantly eliminates the need to wade through a stack of conf files and documentation to get readable code. Polystyle is completely intuitive and natural. Polystyle can also minify or compress HTML, Javascript and CSS by removing all extra whitespace. Just select the 'Compress HTML' option in Tab 1, Option 3 of the Configuration Tool. You can also have Polystyle change HTML tags to upper case or lower case using the dropdown on Tab 2 in the Configuration Tool. Download your free trial today! Visit www.polystyle.com

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